May is an exciting month for classical music! Ever since its inauguration in 1778, Teatro alla Scala has been the opera house that represents Milan. Located near Duomo, La Scala over the years has become venue for various live performances, not just operas. In May, there will be three live performances: a recital, an opera, and a symphony. If you are a fan of classical music, do not miss out on these amazing performances.

1. Symphony No. 8 in C minor(1890 Version) by Anton Bruckner (Zubin Mehta)

Tonight’s and tomorrow’s will end symphony concert of Indian conductor Zubin Mehta. Ever since Mehta became the youngest conductor of The Los Angeles Philharmonic (LAP), he has been one of the most renowned contemporary conductors and still persists to be, currently, even at the age of 83. In Teatro alla Scala, Zubin Mehta will conduct Symphony No. 8 in C minor (1890 Version) by Anton Bruckner. Mehta will perform the 19th century Austrian composers signature symphony. Anton Bruckner’s other notable pieces are Te Deum, Ave Maria, and Motets. For more information please visit:

2.Idomeneo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Diego Fasolis and Matthias Hartmann)

Starting from May 16th, the conductor behind the success of La Finita Gardineria, Diego Fasolis, will return with yet another Mozart opera piece: Idomeneo. Along with Fasolis, Esteemed German director, Matthias Hartmann, will present opera based on the myths in Homer’s Illiad. In Idomeneo, ill-fated Cretan King, Idomeneo, miraculously returns from the dead with the help of Neptune, only to jeopardize the love of star-crossed lovers Idamante, prince of Cretan and also the son of Idomeneo, and Ilia, princess of Troy. Idomeneo is opera seria-operas revolving around serious themes- and will be performed in Italian language. This Mozart masterpiece will be available in Teatro alla Scala until the 6th of June. For more information please visit:

3.     Recital of Jessica Pratt

On May 20th, the recital of an acclaimed British soprano, Jessica Pratt, will take place in La Scala. She is the winner of Siola d’Oro– grand prize for female opera singers in Duchi d’Acquaviva international music festival. Siola d’Oro is only given to the best female opera singers of all time, making Pratt’s performance in La Scala one of must-see concerts in May. She will perform masterpieces by Mozart, Rossini, Strauss and other famous composers. Pianist Vincenzo Scalera, staff of the Accademia d’Arti e Maestieri of Teatro all Scala will accompany Jessica Pratt’s performance. Keep in mind this recital will only take place on the 20th. Don’t hesitate to witness the performance of Siola d’Oro winner! For more information please visit: