Daphne Doukidis is a 3rd year BEMACC student with Greek and French origins. She also happens to be the President of Business & Arts, and as you have probably guessed by now, a great lover of the arts. Daphne is one the most ethereal and inspirational people I, Ira, have met, and anyone that has had the chance to interact with her will agree that her aura is captivating. In her words and images bellow, you will find a snapshot of Daphne’s memories from her travels to the Philippines, as she remembers them.

” It’s mid April, it’s humid, it’s lush 

And here I stand.

In crowded, noisy, chaotic Manila.

An American-looking-trash-megalopolis once called the “Pearl of the Orient”


a physical reminiscence of the Americans that once ruled the land, now full of colours and writings and beautiful people. 

And 80s music too; 

the needle never moved. 

In its incredible musicality, a nation indulges nostalgic Americana melodies

A celebration of an era that doesn’t want to leave

Just as the furtive Spanish verbatim (re)appearing between every few words.

Jose, Rosa and Juan never got to read their national hero’s book against the coloniser,

written as it was in a stranger’s words. 

Is it the ultra-catholicism, 

is it the trauma of colonisation [or both] that renders this country’s art 

so dark, 

so desperate

so estranged? 

In a country of kindness of strangers, kind hearts and smiles:

I’m stuck with the image of young boys and girls, 

moving their flower printed limbs to traditional rhythms  

Mangos, coconuts and a purple yam named “ube” are still dancing in my palate

And the light.

That tropical magnificent sun,

softly playing 

with the shadows under the greenest trees. “