Founded in 2016, Business & Arts is Bocconi’s first student association that brings together international students intrigued by the workings of the art industry. B&A aims to be a central actor in championing Bocconi University’s creative sphere as well as cultivating a lifestyle of aesthetic appreciation, exploration and cultural engagement.

We strive to encompass the best of art, style, lifestyle and travel with the aim of offering to our members and to the Bocconi community as a whole, the occasion for reflecting and deepening on topics often considered as “leisure”, but that are in fact assets, especially in a culturally relevant country such as Italy.

Our Events 
Through our events, we aim to engage students in a productive dialogue and offer nuanced commentary on the latest developments in culture. By bringing together people from different academic and career paths, we’re able to provide insight on the industry’s inner workings and analyze its advantages, its mistakes and its potential for improvement through different perspectives. 
Our articles aim to encourage our readers to become design conscious and culturally informed; urging them to look behind the industry’s façade. In addition, our features on artists and photographers are a new way of showcasing Bocconi’s emerging artistic talent. Through our interaction with the student body of Bocconi, we aspire to create a community that not only creates an artistic dialogue amongst a predominantly numerically oriented atmosphere but pushes students to see their pursuits in an alternative, creative light.